Philosophise. Discuss. Exchange ideas. Read. Leave the past behind and reflect on the future. Nature and culture for pure indulgence. The glück.tage Literature Festival in Kufsteinerland includes talks, seminars, nature experiences and high-calibre references.More information

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Literature, Philosophy, Nature & Enjoyment

Kufsteinerland in luck. All the people in this world long for a happy and fulfilled life – even if everyone defines HAPPINESS differently: Health, security, stable relationships, a fulfilling job, mindfulness, being in touch with nature, growth and creativity ... are all certainly part of this. Thus the happiness.days Kufstein feature lectures, readings and workshops with famous authors from the fields of philosophy, psychology.

Programme and prices for the glück.tage festival in Kufsteinerland:

Date: Price:
12.05.2022 Anders Indset - Vom Glück zwischen Humanismus und Kapitalismus €33.00
13.05.2022 Thorsten Otto & Friends €33.00
14.05.2022 Markus Gabriel - Warum es die Welt nicht gibt! €33.00
12.05. - 14.05.2022 Combined Ticket 3 evenings (Indset, Otto, Gabriel) €89.00

Box office surcharge: € 3.00 per ticket, ticket price incl. 20% VAT, in addition to postage and processing fee, no discount, postal charges: within Austria € 2.88, to Germany € 3.65, and to Switzerland € 4.55.

Tickets glück.tage Kufsteinerland:

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