Tyrol Festival in Erl

Rural idyllic living meets musical highlights. The Tyrol Festival Erl. Winter festival. The ‘Zwischen/Zeit’ programme. The Erl Ring. The passion playhouse and festival hall bring musical flair to the picturesque passion playhouse village of Erl.More information

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  • 01.02.2020
  • Erl festival- and passion playhouse Erl

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Tyrol Festival in Erl

Festival before a mountain panorama

The Tyrol Festival in Erl is a music festival held annually since 1998. This summer festival is held annually in July. Since 2012, the Winter Festival has been added to the summer programme, running from the end of December until the beginning of January. The piano days of the Tyrol Festival Erl supplement the programme of the festival on the Palm Sunday weekend from Thursday to Sunday with a four-day festival.

Since 2012, the curtain now goes up in the newly constructed festival hall, which has been opened right next to the passion play house. The new festival hall in Erl with its 862 seats catches the eye in particular with its black facade and was designed to optimally blend in with the landscape. Since then, guests saunter in their robes in summer as in winter past idyllic pastures or snow-covered fields to show their appreciation for the arts.

Tyrolean Festival Erl Zwischenzeit

The "Zwischenzeit" announced by the Tyrolean festival Erl is for the time between the two festivals. Space for art. Music projects. Further development of regional musical styles in an international context.

Dates for the Tyrolean Festival Erl Zwischenzeit:

Date: Time: Event:
01.02.2020 7 pm Chinesisches Neujahrskonzert
22.02.2020 7 pm 2. Kammerkonzert der Münchner Philharmoniker "Mystic Flute"
29.02.2020 7.30 pm Camerata Salzburg und Bernarda Fink
25.04.2020 7.30 pm Camerata Salzburg und Renaud Capuçon
03.05.2020 7 pm 3. Kammerkonzert der Münchner Philharmoniker "L'histoire du soldate"

Winter Festival Erl

The Christmas Oratorio by Bach is the musical opening for the winter Tyrolean Festival Erl.

Dates and tickets for the winter Tyrolean Festival Erl:

  • 15.12.2020 - 06.01.2021

Piano days at the Tyrol Festival Erl

As part of the piano days, the piano school from Accademia di Montegral based in the monastery dell´Angelo in Lucca shows off its skills. Following the name of the monastery and seat of the academy, they call themselves PIANISTI DELL’ANGELO. Using a targeted selection of performers and works from all eras, the great aspiration is to put the tonally exciting, serious renditions of piano music back into focus again.

Dates for the Piano Days of the Tyrolean Festival Erl:

Date: Time: Event:
02.04.2020 7 pm Kit Armstrong
03.04.2020 7 pm Sergio Tiempo
04.04.2020 7 pm Tschaikowsky und Rachmaninow
05.04.2020 11 am Concordia Benefiz-Matinée

Summer Festival Erl

The summer Tyrolean Festival Erl is held annually in July. Daily operas, concerts and chamber music.

Dates for the summer Tyrolean Festival Erl:

Termin: Uhrzeit: Veranstaltung:
09.07.2020 7 pm Opening concert
10.07.2020 5 pm Richard Wagner: Lohengrin
11.07.2020 7 pm Gioachino Rossini: Bianca e falliero
14.07.2020 7.30 pm Musicbanda Franui & The Bavarian Radio Chorus: Where do I go
15.07.2020 7.30 pm Klang Forum Wien
16.07.2020 7.30 pm International Mastersinger Academy Neumarkt i.d.Opf
17.07.2020 7 pm Gioachino Rossini: Bianca e falliero
18.07.2020 5 pm Richard Wagner: Lohengrin
19.07.2020 3 pm Gioachino Rossini: Bianca e falliero
22.07.2020 7.30 pm Christian Muthspiel & Orjazztra Vienna
23.07.2020 7.30 pm Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphonies No. 4 & 5
24.07.2020 7 pm Engelbert Humperdinck: Königskinder
25.07.2020 7.30 pm Camerata Salzburg & Paul Lewis
26.07.2020 3 pm Engelbert Humperdinck: Königskinder
27.07.2020 7.30 pm Mariko Hara: Opening of Chamber Music Hall
28.07.2020 7.30 pm Camerata Salzburg & Paul Lewis
29.07.2020 7.30 pm Camerata Salzburg & Paul Lewis
30.07.2020 7 pm Helmut Deutsch
31.07.2020 7.30 pm Fliegende Volksbühne Frankfurt: The White Horse Inn and its love stories
01.08.2020 7 pm Engelbert Humperdinck: Königskinder
02.08.2020 11 am Final concert

La Guitarra - international guitar festival

Experience the fascinating variety of guitar music in all its forms, at the first international guitar festival in Erl. World-famous guitarists and musicians from the genres of classic, jazz, flamenco and world music will make the guitar the evening’s focus, and carry you off into unique worlds of sound, full of passion and emotion, with their musical virtuosity.

Dates for La Guitarra – international guitar festival:

  • 13.08. - 15.08.2020

Tyrolean Festival Erl harvest festival

A harvest festival weekend heralds in autumn with the Tyrolean Festival Erl. This weekend will offer a platform to a wide variety of composers.

Dates for the Tyrolean Festival Erl harvest festival:

  • 2020 findet kein Erntedank-Wochenende statt.
  • The date for the harvest festival 2021 will be announced as soon as it has been set.

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