Passion Play Thiersee

Passion play have a long-standing tradition in Tyrol. A custom which has been maintained in Thiersee for centuries. Traditionally, the passion plays are performed throughout the summer every 6 years in this picturesque location, surrounded by the natural landscapes of Tyrol. The next passion play in Thiersee will take place in 2022.More information

Passion Play Thiersee

Traditional, Contemporary and Impressive

The Passion Play Thiersee is performed every six years in the Tyrolean village of Thiersee. A manifest for tradition and faith during which an entire village stands on stage together telling the Passion of Christ. Every six years, the traditional passion play dominates this small Tyrolean valley since 1799, when the Thiersee locals put on an impressive re-enactment of the Passion of Christ. In 2022 it's time again: The play will be performed by more than 250 lay performers and musicians made up of Thiersee locals of all ages. To each and everyone, the message of the spiritual drama lies close to their heart: They want to make sure that the suffering of Christ which he shouldered to bring love to humanity is not forgotten.

Its History

It all began in 1799, because Thiersee locals feared the war. So its residents vowed to re-enact the suffering of Jesus during Lent in form of a miracle play to save them from the war. They reviewed and edited the text several times and played outdoors, in a so-called "comedy hut" at the church. As of 1854 the passion plays were staged in a larger building with a capacity of 800 visitors. The present passion play house was built by Alois Kaindl at the shore of the Thiersee lake, hosting the performances since 1926. The passion play has been staged every six years since 1970. Since then, the love for the passion has been upheld and the fascination and enthusiasm for it passed on to generation after generation.

In 2022 Thiersee will once again experience a transformation

Numerous Thiersee locals will hardly have any free time anymore. Holidays become irrelevant. A passion becomes rekindled. Traditional. Contemporary. Impressive. A small Tirolean valley completely consumed by the Passion Play Thiersee.

Dates Passion Play Thiersee:

  • 12 June - 2 October 2022

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