Academia Vocalis

A platform for young, up-and-coming artists. Master classes introduce talented up-and-coming singers to a treasure trove of artistic experiences. A colourful mix of different cultures and mentalities. The result – a real treat for the ears. Academia Vocalis.More information

Academia Vocalis

International master classes for vocals

The Academia Vocalis sees itself as a supplement to university training, as an educational institution. Singers from all genres will be given the opportunity to get valuable advice for their artistic development from world stars, regardless of whether they are in training, already booked or about to be booked. During the respective closing concerts, the artists will present what they've learnt. Stage presence. Artistic maturity. Musical skills.

Educational institution, not festival

That the Academia Vocalis will not become a festival hype, but remain an educational institution, is confirmed by Prof. Dr. h.c. KS Brigitte Fassbaender: “Master classes do not always proceed as reputedly and high-carat as at the Academia Vocalis!“ This training seminar gives young artists from around the world the opportunity to polish their singing technique in the genres of opera, operetta, song, oratorio, jazz, Latin jazz and gospel in summer.

The origins of Academia Vocalis go back some 25 years. This is when a group of music enthusiasts met to support an idea. They discussed forming an academy, to give young voice students of all musical genres the opportunity to consolidate and expand their knowledge. In addition, the seminar artists will also be given the opportunity to hone their stage presence by means of public performances as part of the closing concerts at the end of every seminar.

Academia Vocalis Concerts 2019:

  • 06.07.2019 - 8:30 pm: tschejefem trio folk music evening (courtyard of the Mariastein pilgrimage church)
  • 12.07.2019 - 2:00 pm: Final afternoon of the JUKI opera workshop 2019 (hall of the Music School, Wörgl)
  • 15.07.2019 - 8:00 pm: Final concert of the master class by KS Prof. Edita Gruberová (Hotel Panorama Royal Bad Häring)
  • 08.08.2019 - 8:00 pm: Final concert of the master class “Raising stars “ (Kirchbichl Parish Church)
  • 17.08.2019 - 8:00 pm: City of Wörgl Prize, with winner Thomas Essl, baritone (Sun Tower Wörgl)
  • 18.08.2019 - 8:00 pm: Final concert of the master class “Professionals” by Univ. Prof. Karlheinz & Verena Hanser (Sun Tower Wörgl)
  • 23.08.2019 - 8:00 pm: Final concert of the master class by KS Prof. Dr. hc Christa Ludwig (Hotel Panorama Royal Bad Häring)

Academia Vocalis master classes 2019:

  • 08.07. - 12.07.2019: Maria Knoll-Madersbacher, JUKI opera workshop for children & youth (Music School, Wörgl)
  • 09.07. - 15.07.2019: KS Prof. Edita Gruberová, master class “Opera & song” (Hotel Panorama Royal Bad Häring)
  • 01.08. - 08.08.2019: Univ. Prof. Karlheinz & Verena Hanser, master class “Voice as an instrument” - Raising stars (polytechnic school & Music School, Wörgl)
  • 11.08. - 18.08.2019: Univ. Prof. Karlheinz & Verena Hanser, master class “Voice as an instrument” - Professionals (polytechnic school & Music School, Wörgl)
  • 16.08. - 23.08.2019: KS Prof. Dr. hc Christa Ludwig, master class “Opera, German song & classical operetta” (Hotel Panorama Royal Bad Häring)


  • €18.00 at the evening box office
  • €15.00 in advance


  • 10% for Ö1 club members
  • 100%, Children up to 10 years

Advance ticket sales:

  • Tourism Association Kufsteinerland, +43 5372 62207
  • Tourism Association Hohe Salve, +43 57 507 7000
  • at all Tyrolean branches of „Raiffeisenbank“, +43 5372 200
  • Book and stationery shop Zangerl Wörgl, +43 5332 71484

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